humbling experience

Today, I have been humbled.  I work for the world’s largest restaurant chain, Yum.  Here in India, we have many KFCs.  Our India team decided to quietly give back to society by addressing a large problem in society.  In India, there are 9 million deaf people and many more who are mute or physically disabled.  Of these 9 million, only 2% ever make it through school.  There are no jobs for them and many are abandoned by their families because they are viewed as a curse.  We decided to employ these individuals and currently have 16 KFCs that 70% of the employees are deaf and many are also mute.  The stores contain special equipment that alerts the team members when food is cooked, the point of sale system is two way in that the customer can view their order for accuracy and indicate to the team member if it is correct.  The team members wear buttons to indicate that they are unable to talk.  They are tremendous employees.  They are very happy, service oriented, and ambitious.  We have begun promoting these team members into the ranks of management.  I visited a store today and met several of these individuals.  I said Thank You in sign language and they showed us how to clap and do the Yum cheer.  Tremendous experience!  Yum is truly a company with a huge heart.

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