India Culture and Tradition

The Indian people are great hosts, very loving, and steeped in deep culture and tradition.  This past week, I was assigned a tour guide, Neeta, to show me the sights of Delhi.  Neeta was a history professor in an earlier life and provided me the entire history of the city and country.  Two things stood out strong from the places we visited.  1) Indian leaders believed in leaving behind a legacy in the form of a tomb (much like the Egyptians).  The most common example in India of this is the Taj Mahal.  Included with this post, you will find the Humayan, another example.  Stunning in architecture, these monuments to a loved one’s life are meant to stand the test of time.  2) Religion is the center of their existence.  I visited a Buddha, Hindi, and Muslim temple.  There was a constant flow of people asking and giving blessings to their many Gods.  Humayun

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