India: Welcome to chaos

I have the huge opportunity of visiting many locations as part of my non-writing job.  This week, I am in Gurgaon, India which is just outside of Delhi.  If you have never been to India, let me start by saying, I don’t think that, even for a writer, there is a way to express what you see.  The closest I can come to describing India is that the culture is a collision of tradition and “old ways” with modern technology.  And when I say Collision, I mean collision.  There is not a nice blending of the two, but rather a sharp distinction between them.  For example, today, on the way from the office back to my swanky hotel (that literally sits as an oasis in the middle of chaos), our brand new car, nearly collided with traditional 3 wheeled carts that share the road and we were stopped because 3 steers (yes, cattle) were in the middle of the road.  Everywhere you look, you see impoverishment against wealth; a new car sharing the road with an animal driven or person pushed cart; a new highway above a road that has crumbling chunks of concrete in it.  If order and chaos were in a race, chaos would win.  The roads have no delineated lanes, therefore, you drive wherever there is a space big enough for your car and if you don’t fit in that space, you lay on your horn till someone moves.  Remarkably, we made it safely to the office and back without hitting another car, a person (who just walks out into traffic) or a steer.  I’m curious to know what tomorrow will bring and if the culture shock will wear off a bit.

One thought on “India: Welcome to chaos

  1. I’m trying to decide if I envy you or not right now! India sounds wonderful and exciting, but crazy. Speaking of old and new, I’m using my laptop on my new treadmill desk in a basement filled with old junk. I love the treadmill desk (rigged up by the man of the house), but I’m looking around thinking “dumpster” or “garage sale.”
    Enjoy India!

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